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Following our free inital consultancy session, for every website project we offer a bespoke comprehensive quote which comprises a series of phases.

Each of these is costed individually so you know exactly what you are getting for your money and there are no hidden surprises!

Here are links to information about what each phase involves:

website planning

Phase 1This phase involves a meeting with the client to discuss the project in more detail. During this session we cover the following:

  • Finalising the website structure, style, navigation and page layout
  • Discussing future possibilities for the website to ensure the interface design is future-proof
  • Discussing the images to be used on the website
  • Setting a deadline for the client to supply content
  • Setting a deadline for completion of the project
  • Advice on domain name registration and setting up web hosting

If required, we can source low-cost images for your website from a royalty free library for an additional seach fee or we can provide photography. We can also supply graphics for your website and flash banners or animations.

website design

Phase 2This phase involves creating design(s) for the website interface based upon discussions with the client in the previouse session.

We offer a choice of the number of different designs we supply at this stage and the fee will vary depending on whether the client prefers more or less choice. It is more cost-effective to select one design choice and we will then create slightly different versions of this design for the client to choose from.

We can also create a photographic montage or banners if required.

The design mockups are then uploaded to our web server for client evaluation. We then discuss the design with the client and make minor revisions if required.

website build

Phase 3This phase involves using Dreamweaver to build the html/css website structure based on the client's chosen design.

In this part of the quote we provide an outline of the website structure which includes proposed page titles and the type of content required for each page. This enables both the client and the designer to have a clear vision of the entire website project.

This phase also includes the following

  • Resizing, optimising and exporting all images for the web
  • Creating and applying CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These are used to ensure your website is accessible to a wide audience
  • Populating all pages with supplied content
  • Search Engine Optimisation: optimising all pages, including adding Meta tags, keywords in the body text and effective page titles

Once the site is complete it is uploaded to our server for client evaluation. The client is also welcome to view work in progress on the website.

The site is discussed with the client and minor revisions are made if required.

implementation & release

Phase 4This final phase of the project involves the following:

  • Uploading the site to the client's web server
  • Checking the site in several browsers and checking all hyper links
  • Registering the site with Google
optional extras

Here are some of the optional extras we can provide a quote for:

  • Additional photomontages for website header
  • Website icons, graphics & banners
  • A flash movie, for example a set of several images which fade gradually from one to the next, or a flash banner
  • A gallery of images
  • Random images, for example adding code that displays a different image every time someone visits the home page
  • A search facility
  • A password protected directory
  • Website updates and maintenance

Please contact us if there is anything else you wish to discuss:
Call Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email


would you like a quote...?


If so, the first thing you need to do is arrange your free website consultancy session. This takes about half an hour and can be done over the phone or in person if you prefer. Once this is complete and we know more about the kind of site you want, we will be happy to provide a detailed quote.

As a guide, prices start from £550 for a five page promotional website. View what we offer for further details.

To find out more, please contact Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email

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"Liquid Jigsaw is responsible for the successful design of our website and also for it's ongoing maintenance and updating.

I have been very impressed with the work done and would not hesitate to recommend Liquid Jigsaw to anyone lucky enough to come into contact with the company.”
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Computer & People Support
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Dragonflies by Fiona Athanassaki

"I needed a website and once I saw what Tania at Liquid Jigsaw could do and knowing she would work hard I knew my money would be well spent and that proved to be so.

I'm really pleased with the website that Tania produced for me. The layout is simple but effective and I've had numerous comments as to how good it looks.”
Fiona Athanassaki

website updates

Positive Balance website

Once your website is complete, we offer solutions for it's ongoing maintenance and updates, whether you would like us to maintain the site or you would like training to do it yourself. Visit our website updates page for more information. More..

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