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We offer a free inital website consultancy session to discuss your project, or for a fee we offer website makeovers to improve your existing site or in-depth website consultancy for larger projects.

Take a look at our website consultancy page to find out more.


website designsWe offer website design and create mockups of the proposed website interface designs so our clients can choose which design they prefer.

We create unique designs for each project and make sure our clients are 100% happy with the design before we start the site building stage.

Take a look at the websites page to view our portfolio.

site build

We use Dreamweaver to build our sites and aim to create accessible sites, which are usable for people of all abilities and disabilities.

Using DreamweaverWe use cascading style sheets for our site layouts and often use Dreamweaver templates so making site-wide style changes at a later date is a straightforward process.

We build well-designed websites which are optimsed for search engines and offer our clients website updates at reasonable rates.

Call Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email design@liquidjigsaw.com if you would like to discuss a website project with us.

graphics, icons & banners

IllustrationsWe offer graphic illustrations, icons and banner designs for websites. We'll create custom icons for your links or illustrations to enhance your site. Take a look at the illustration page for examples.

And if you are interested in incorporating a photomontage for a website header or banner, take a look at the photographic illustration page for examples.

flash animation

Still from animation about hearing for the Wellcome TrustTo make your website stand out you may decide to include a flash animation or banner.

We can seamlessly integrate a dynamic animated message into your website, using a combination of text, graphics and/or photographs. Visit our scientific animation page in the science section of this site to view our portfolio.

This style of animation can be applied to lots of other subjects, not just science, so if you would like to discuss an animation with us, please contact Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email design@liquidjigsaw.com.

We also offer photographic flash animations if you would like a series of images which fade from one to the next. The following sites show examples of this:

photography for websites

PhotographyWe can provide high resolution digital phography, including macro photography. The example on the left was a close-up photograph of fabric which we shot for textile designer, Lauren Shanley. Take a look at the photography section of this site to view more of our photographs.

If you prefer more generic low-budget photographs, we can source suitable royalty free images from photo libraries for the cost of the images (typically between £3 and £5 per image) and a search fee.

advice on domain registration & hosting

You may already have a domain name, but if not, we offer advice on registering a domain name (eg. www.mydomain.com). We also can help you choose the best web hosting package to suit your needs. Arranging your own hosting offers you more flexibility and puts you in control of your site.

We usually recommend a hosting company which we have used for several years as they are very reliable and their customer support is excellent. If you want, we can sit down with you, explain the features of the different hosting packages on offer and guide you through the purchase process.


We offer basic web programming in-house and employ contractors for larger programming projects. Here are some of the things we can provide instant quotes for:

  • Random images, for example adding code that displays a different image every time someone visits the home page
  • A search facility (for example Google Search or Atomz)
  • A password protected directory (if supported by your web hosting)

If you require a Content Management System or any other programming feature, please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a quote for you.

updates, maintenance & training

Website updatesIt is always a good idea to regularly update your website, to keep it fresh and new and to encourage viewers to return for more. It's often difficult to find the time to organise website updates but it really should be a priority!

We offer good hourly rates for website updates and have maintained many of our clients' sites for several years.

Alternatively we provide Dreamweaver training, should you wish to purchase Dreamweaver and update your site yourself. Take a look at our website updates page for further information.


small business web package

small business web package

We offer a cost-effective website package for small businesses who would like a 5-6 page unique promotional website. The basic package includes the following:

  • Consultancy to plan a website
  • Website design: choice between variations on one design
  • Website build: 6 pages
  • Add supplied content
  • Format and export photos for the web (maximum 3 images per page)
  • Help to register a domain name and set up web hosting (client is responsible for the cost of hosting)
  • Upload completed site to client's web server
  • Register site with Google
  • Fee: from £600

It is possible to customise this package to suit your requirements. For example, you may require additional pages, a flash banner or a search facility. This fee is a baseline fee and we can provide a quote for any additional features or pages you require.

Contact us to arrange your free initial consultancy to discuss your website project:

Call Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email

artist portfolio websites

Cafe Casonova by Fiona Pienkowska

We offer portfolio websites for artists, based on a simple design which can be easily customised for each client, so each site will look unique.

An example of a portfolio site is one we created for printmaker Fiona Pienkowska:

View website

The image above shows Cafe Casonova by Fiona Pienkowska.

For further information, please contact Tania on 020 8699 2862 or email design@liquidjigsaw.com

what our clients say...

Computer & People Support website

"Liquid Jigsaw is responsible for the successful design of our website and also for the ongoing maintenance and updating of it.

I have been very impressed with the work done and would not hesitate to recommend Liquid Jigsaw to anyone lucky enough to come into contact with the company.”
Cherith Hateley
Computer & People SupportMore...

current project

Computer & People Support: Family Safety

We are currently updating the Computer and People Support website interface and are developing a 'Family Safety' area which will educate parents and carers on safe internet use for children.

Call us 020 8699 2862

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