flash animation fees

Rather than offer online quotes for animations, we prefer to discuss the individual project with the client first.

As a client, in order to obtain a quote you will need to supply an outline brief or storyboard and have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve.

For guidance on the production process of animations, please take a look at our how we work page.

If you would like have an informal chat about a project you may have in mind, please call Tania Joyce on 020 8699 2862 or email: design@liquidjigsaw.com.

As a guide, our animation fees start from £250 per day.

commissioning an animation

Cancer Research UK brief

If you are considering commissioning us to create an animation, take a look at how we work to find out more about the production process and how we work with our clients.

Call us 020 8699 2862

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