using our animations

We often receive requests from scientists, lecturers and students who would like to download and use our animations. Most of the animations on the site are examples of commissioned projects for clients and we do not own the copyright for them, so we cannot supply copies of these animations to interested parties.

However, many of the animations are freely available to view on the web - view our portfolio for links - and in some cases are available to download:

animations you can download

Several animations which we created for the Wellcome Trust are freely available for download from their website for personal, academic teaching or study use only: The Wellcome Trust

For commercial use, please contact Wellcome Images:

commissioning an animation

Cancer Research UK brief

If you are considering commissioning an animation, take a look at how we work to find out more about the production process and how we work with our clients.

using Flash in Powerpoint

Powerpoint iconThis link from the Microsoft Office website demonstrates how you can play a Flash movie in a Powerpoint presentation. View...

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